Heat Temperature Chart for Baby Chicks

Congratulations on your new chicks! Here's a helpful chart to keep your chicks at the right temperature until they grow out their feathers and can self regulate.

 Chick Age Temperature Notes
0-7 Days 95℉ Use a heat lamp to keep your chicks warm and safe in the brooder.
Week 2 90 Your chicks should be more active. Make sure the heat lamp is secure.
Week 3 85 Continue to monitor the heat lamp and adjust it as needed. Raise it up if the chicks are congregating away from the heat source, or lower it if they are huddling together for warmth.
Week 4 80 Your chicks are really starting to grow. If the weather is warm, this is a good time to give them short trips outside in a secure area.
Week 5 75 If the temperature in your brooder is 75 degrees, you can turn off the heat lamp this week. 
Week 6 70 Your chicks are almost ready to go outside! They can spend all day outside in a secure area as long as the weather is warm and above 50 degrees.
Week 7 65 Continue to acclimate your chicks to being outside.
Week 8 Ready for Outside! Congratulations! Your chicks are ready for the coop. If introducing them to an established flock, make sure you introduce them gradually. Keeping them separated within the run behind fencing for at least two weeks is recommended. 

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